Office Play

He directs the meeting and addresses the team in a very stern “I need productivity levels to increase.” His hands motion to the whiteboard canvassing our quarterly figures. “I don’t care how we get there, just do it!”

Nervous tension clouds the room. I glance at Lorien who raises her eyebrow as if to say “I told you.”

I nod and shift my attention back to Kirkland as he continues discussing our team’s expectations. My heart stops to open the treasure box that’s been buried deep down for the past few weeks. Our relationship is fresh, but strong! As he spoke, my eyes glazed over him like a honey baked ham. His lower half stares back at me. The temperature in the room always warmed when that happened. Fortunately I’m the only one that notices.

Careful not to let the others see my lustful stares, I check the clock. Fifteen minutes left and then I can fulfill myself or rather have him fill me. Until then, I can’t think of anything else. Random thoughts of our love making cross my mind sporadically. Where should I take him…on the table? On the chair, or maybe on the floor? As Kirkland distracts the rest of the team, I glance the room for a place to fulfill our love games.

“If you have any questions, come to my office.” Kirkland says as he shuffles through his stack of papers.

The others on the team swiftly get up to head for lunch. As usual Taylor is the last to leave, but I wait patiently for her to leave before closing the office door.

Of course it’s rumored that Kirkland and I are having an affair, but my title as Assistant Manager helps curve the rumor while justifying our meeting after the meeting. I walk over to Kirkland with a big smile on my face.

“I couldn’t wait for that to end.” I say grabbing him by the tie.

Dodging my kiss, he pushes himself back. “Not today Dana.”

Not today? My voice cracks. “What’s wrong?”

He looks at the wall, and then back to me. “It’s my wife,” he pauses “…she’s pregnant again.”

Time stopped, and my heart stopped with it. In an instant my feelings of lust turned to disgust and uneasiness.

“Give me time.” He says. Somehow his words went in one ear and out of the other. Could it be that his promises of leaving her were empty promises? Stuck and feeling like a foolish whore, I swallow the pain in one big gulp.

“Oh,” I whisper. “In that case, your loss.”

As I walked toward the office door a part of me wanted to turn around and beg him to choose. But my pride reminded me that he’d already made his choice. Ladies, never listen to a married man that says he’ll leave his wife.

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