B. F. Glenn publicly emerged as a writer in late 2017.

Some say she is the walking definition of a hard head. Others argue that she is a free spirit. Yet, both groups agree that passion is her foundation.

20170901_135928Third grade Glenn composed short stories through sloppy handwriting and misspelled words; high school Glenn wrote poetry. Adult Glenn evolved, diving head first in creative and technical projects. She was hired as a freelance writer for small companies, served as a writer for and the Maryland Theatre Guide, and worked as a technical writer-editor for various agencies. Screenwriting is the next item she hopes to scratch off of her bucket list.

Glenn holds a B.S. in Communications from Bowie State University and a Certificate in Creative Writing from Prince George’s Community College.

“I aim to elevate after elevating. There’s no end to my playbook, no ceiling to my penthouse.” B. F. Glenn