Good Fortune All Around

Seems like good fortune has found me. I don’t know where I was hiding all of this time, but for some reason the game of hide and seek is over between me and this good fortune character. I’m happy about it. I can’t complain.

On July 25th I wrote to a few famous authors, J. K. Rowling being the main one I wanted to write. Ironically her letter still sits on my computer, not printed. But I managed to write other authors and send their letters via the e-mail address listed on their websites. Not really expecting to hear anything back from any of them, I shoved the memory in the back of my mind. Way deep down so that I wouldn’t worry myself to death about getting a response.

Four days ago, I received a response from one of them! He’s a famous writer that has many awards for his talent. He said that I can shadow him the next time he comes to my area. WOW! And it made it even more appealing that he assured me that I was one of the very few that would ever get this invitation. I guess my letters really do have a way of telling a compelling story. 🙂

On my job, I referred someone and she was offered the position. I can expect a nice referral fee in my paycheck. Right now, I’m deciding how to spend my extra earnings. Do I pay off my car, stash it away, or spend it on a new wardrobe? Knowing me, I will begin paying off my car.

Last, I may have the opportunity to work from home two days a week. I’m in the works of pleading my case with my manager. I keep reminding him that everything I do at work can be done online at home. It would save me two hours each day in commuting. Hopefully good fortune doesn’t leave me too soon. I hope “he” stays a while and falls asleep on the couch.