Living in the Gray (Podcast)

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Living in the Gray is a thought-provoking podcast series that engages listeners in the gray areas of religion, marriage, children, dating, and morality.



Episode One: Intro B. F. Glenn introduces her guests for the series. 

Episode Two: Who Is God? B. F. Glenn invites guests to share their perception of God and the role spirituality plays in their lives.

Episode Three: Soul Mate Search B. F. Glenn asks various guests if they believe in soul mates as she sheds light on her personal struggles.

Episode Four: Free Parties & Sex (Explicit Content) B. F. Glenn and three guests get pretty graphic as they discuss sex and free parties. 

Episode Five: Social Media & Dating Guests discuss how social media has impacted their relationships. 

Episode Six: The Aftermath of Kids Two Maryland moms discuss raising a child in a vain society, mommy guilt, and the fear of child trafficking. 

Episode Seven: Perception B. F. Glenn accepts her new position in life. 

Episode Eight: We Are All Human (Bonus Episode) B. F. Glenn speaks to her favorite Associate Pastor regarding the state of the church as it relates to social media.