Seductively the shirtless man moves across the stage one foot in front of the other. His body flows effortlessly through the cloud of lust surrounding him. Muscles tight, abs right, and complexion DARK.

Meat and chocolate for the soul, I easily loose control in his tangled web.

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. He thrusts his hips to the beat of the erotic drum. Our eyes meet and in that moment he silently speaks a language that means only one thing – “I’m yours WHENEVER and HOWEVER you want me to be.” I smile and silently reply “Daaaayyyum right.”

BOOM. BOOM. TIC. The melody slows and his movement becomes more concentrated and defined. A second later he breaks through the lust-filled cloud to allow me inside. Once I’m in, he closes the door and wraps me in his arms. Visibly I bite my lower lip while secretly opening my other pair. Fallen I’ve become.

Deeply entangled in the moment I hardly notice the dollar bills being thrown in his direction.

BOOM. BOOM. TIC. He rubs his hands around my waist and further down my back. I rock with him to the slow, luring beat. His dance continues effortlessly as I caress his body dabbed to perfection with sweet scented oil that he must’ve gotten from Raheem at the incense shop. Before I know it, he puts one hand in between my thighs and lifts me until I’m face down. Sweet goodness close to his face as his lips meet mine from the flipside up. Oh Heaven is all I could say but my face was closer to the devil.

BOOM. BOOM. TIC. He flips me back on my feet and pulls me over to a chair. He seats me and begins to dance circles around me. I follow his body as best I could, controlling all of the convulsions within me.

Seeing him dance drives me crazy! He places my hand on the tiny hill tops that sit upon his abs. Dayum, can I get some of that…I take it one step further and inspect his body with my fingertips. hmmmm. I moan softly as he continues to dance around my fingers.

TIC. TIC. TIC. The melody closes, and his dance comes to an end. He kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear “taste good ma.” I chuckle, wondering if he knew that I’d anticipated our moment ever since I’d seen him do the same dance for the last girl who paid for a moment inside his cloud.

I return to my seat, with a smile on my face and his kiss dripping down my leg. My friends hoot and holler at the fact that I was abducted by Dream Catcher – the stripper that is known to turn a woman out. My phone rings and in an instant, I’m released from my abductor…”Hey sweetie, I’ll be home right after the waiter gives us the check.” I lie to hold tight to my secret. On the inside I’m glowing and in the back of my mind, I’m hoping that for a small moment later on, Dream Catcher smiles at the thought of me too.