Girl in the Mirror

Undressing her in his mind is perfectly okay. It’s the actual part of undressing that makes her uncomfortable. She runs from his embrace. Scared that the double rolls of fat will disrupt the flow he’s trying to create with his fingers. Somehow feeling that the way he envisions her in his mind will be distorted.

“Come closer,” he says wrapping his arms around her. They kiss and she wishes really hard that he doesn’t try to make his way to third base.

She imagined this day would come just as much as he did. But I’m sure that her perspective wasn’t as blissful. Her body trembles as his hands make their way down. One lump, two lump, three lump, four. Her ass catches his palm and she takes a deep breath.

“Please just stop there.” she says to herself over and over in her mind. The last thing she wants is for him to run his fingers over hilltops created by secret indulgence. Grabbing his arms gently and kissing him seductively, she tries to distract him from going any further.

“Don’t stop me now.” He warns. Nervously she smiles, knowing that no matter how much she wanted to deny it, he was going for the gold. Tonight was his night to explore every fantasy he had about the two of them. And up until this point, she managed to keep him at a comfortable distance.

Suddenly last night’s promises of a “better tomorrow” didn’t seem so smart.

“Strip.” He demands.

Her knees buckle. Why did he want her to reveal secrets to him like that? She sighs…

“Turn the lights off,” she replies.

“No,” he continues. “I want to see every inch of you.”

Her eyes roll in the back of her head. Did he mean every mile of her?

“I’m very uncomfortable.” She admits.

“Don’t be,” he assures. “There’s nothing that will surprise me.”

Just as he asked, she took off her clothes, starting with the bottom part first. Careful to suck in her stomach as best she could, her level of comfort increased with each passing second.

One eye closed and the other eye on him…waiting for a reaction, he smiles a big beautiful smile. And his eyes are filled with such purity as he watches. “Girl, you are so beautiful and don’t even know it.”

She sighs. But this time, she’s overwhelmed with relief.

“Great…I made it!” She tells herself.

He walks her over to the mirror, stands behind her and wraps his arms around her.

“You see that woman?” He points to the nervously insecure woman standing in front of him. As he points, she’s hesitant to face her.

“Do you see her?” He repeats.

She looks up at him and kisses his chin. “Yes, I see her.” Turning back to the mirror and facing the both of them standing there.

“She has to learn her worth, inside and out.” He whispers.

His words pierced through the layers of fat that incubate her soul. She’ll never forget that day.