The End of The Road.

In mid-2019, a purpose driven woman met and fell in love with a very good man. I wrote about him here.

This man doesn’t need her for anything, he’s honest, he’s real, he’s damn near perfect. He strokes her alpha characteristics, because she needs to feel as if she’s in control always. Yet, he delicately dominates situations when she is vulnerable enough to be led.

After three years of developing a life together, mainly during COVID, the woman looks up and realizes that they may not be as compatible as she hoped. So, rather than try to hold on to this man, she decided to let him go. Unfortunately, their season has ended.

Her love for him is so great that she dares not deprive him of his options. Instead, she lets him go and hopes that someone more compatible than her comes in his life. Holding on to someone, for the sake of holding on, is selfish.

Don’t be selfish. Selfishness derives from greed. Love and greed should not meet in the same space.

B. F. Glenn

For the past few days, she sits, free in her spirit – but her flesh aches for the companionship. There’s praise to be given for her strength. She’s now free to live, explore, and live in her purpose.

The unknown seems scary and there is a hint of fear that she may walk that path alone. That’s okay. Not hurting someone she loves is the most important thing she can do for them both.

Reminder: Let your partner go when it’s time to let them go. Otherwise, you will hurt the person you said you love and it will cause problems down the road.

To the man who inspired this piece, “my love for you was real, it remains real, and that’s why we are no longer together. May the universe reward us with better things.”

Always a good time.