I Write. I Edit. I Publish Too.

 My creative mind yearns to stimulate your mental.

B. F. Glenn, Writer-Editor

I was the quiet, quirky high schooler who sat front and center in every class. It became evident very quickly that I was addicted to success.

My dream was to obtain a full scholarship to Spelman and become an anchor on the morning news. That didn’t happen. Life presented a more colorful roadmap for me to follow.

Failed attempts to follow my childhood dreams – in the way I envisioned – led me to become one of the most sought after, highly skilled and highly paid professional writer-editors in my area.

Seriously, I love what I do!

Since 2005, I’ve spearheaded editorial projects and initiatives for multibillion-dollar corporations, the federal government, small businesses, authors, local magazines, influencers, and artists. With each project, I took careful consideration to amplify their brand messaging.

Simultaneously, I conquered some pretty hefty battles in life that caused me to lose bits of myself (divorces, weight gain and loss, mommy guilt, entrepreneurial failures, and failed love attempts). Many of those struggles are riddled throughout this site.

Curious About My Journey?

  • 2005 – Started career as a Reading/Language Arts Teacher (8th grade)
  • 2007 – Introduced to technical writing
  • 2008 – Developed and managed a high-profile training program for a billion-dollar corporation
  • 2010 – Founded Sixth Sense Publishing and published a novel and short stories on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • 2013 – Developed written products for the federal government
  • 2016 – Learned Accessibility guidelines and began applying them to written products
  • 2017 – Served as the Lead Writer-Editor for various projects spanning across five multibillion-dollar agencies
  • 2020 – Rebranded and tackled numerous writing projects from multinational clients
  • 2021 – Founded the Global Society for Aspiring Writers to help ordinary people embrace their journey through memoir writing
  • 2022 – Expanded creative writing projects to include magazine publications
  • 2023 – Wrote and published the books titled To the C*nt Who Will Not Leave My House!, Q&As for the Soul, and Two Divorces, A Kid, and A Career.
  • 2024 – Loading…

Want To Know Me (B.) More Intimately?

Before my career began, I fostered my creative writing through poetry, love notes, and letters. Soon after, I transitioned to journaling and doing freelance work for a few media outlets. Today, I passionately blog – though, life has me busy with technical, paid projects.

I find solace in being creative and speaking freely. Choose a topic in the menu at the top of this page (or start with a spicy read here). Either way, I gladly welcome you to get to know me – as a spiritual being!

Life, love, and lust coexist in this space. Sometimes lust takes precedence; other times love rears her indecisive head. Life carries a weight of her own. She is the foundation for all things creative.