I am a creative.

 Allow me to stimulate your mental.

I was the quirky girl who sat front and center in every class. I’m pretty much who you are imagining, except I don’t wear glasses and I don’t have freckles. Can you envision me now?

Life, love, and lust exists in this space. Sometimes lust takes precedence; other times love rears her ugly head. Life carries a weight of its own. She is the foundation for all things creative

Hi, I’m B. – professional writer and editor by trade.

In 2010, I published Diaries of an Emotional Prostitute through Sixth Sense Publishing. In 2021, I founded the Global Society for Aspiring Writers. In between, I observed everyone and everything so I can help writers and brands bring soulful purpose to their messaging.

On this site, you can read some of my creative and intimate work.

However, all inquires for professional work or joining the Global Society for Aspiring Writers must go through Sixth Sense Publishing.