I Write. I Edit. I Publish Too.

 My creative mind yearns to stimulate your mental.

B. F. Glenn cover photo
B. F. Glenn, Writer-Editor

I was the quiet, quirky high schooler who sat front and center in every class. It became evident very quickly that I was addicted to success.

My dream was to obtain a full scholarship to Spelman and become a journalist on the morning news. That didn’t happen. Life presented a more colorful roadmap for me to follow.

Failed attempts to follow my childhood dreams – in the way I envisioned – led me to become one of the most sought after, highly skilled and highly paid professional writer-editors in my area.

Seriously, I love what I do!

Since 2005, I’ve spearheaded editorial projects and initiatives for multibillion-dollar corporations, the federal government, small businesses, authors, local magazines, influencers, and artists. With each project, I took careful consideration to amplify their brand messaging.

Curious About My Journey?

  • 2005 – Started career as a Reading/Language Arts Teacher (8th grade)
  • 2007 – Introduced to technical writing
  • 2008 – Developed and managed a high-profile training program for a billion-dollar corporation
  • 2010 – Started Sixth Sense Publishing and published a novel and short stories on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • 2013 – Developed written products for the federal government
  • 2016 – Learned Accessibility guidelines and began applying them to written products
  • 2017 – Served as the Lead Writer-Editor for various projects spanning across five multibillion-dollar agencies
  • 2020 – Rebranded and tackled numerous writing projects from multinational clients
  • 2021 – Founded the Global Society for Aspiring Writers to help ordinary people embrace their journey through memoirs
  • 2022 – Loading…

Explore Sixth Sense Publishing and our professional services by clicking the link below. Maybe my team and I can help you conquer your next big project soon!

Want To Know Me More Intimately?

Before my career began, I fostered my creative writing through poetry, love notes, and letters. Soon after, I transitioned to journaling and doing freelance work for a few media outlets. Today, I passionately blog – though, life has me busy with technical, paid projects.

I find solace in being creative and speaking freely. Choose a topic in the menu at the top of this page (or start with a spicy read here). Either way, I gladly welcome you to get to know me – as a spiritual being!

Life, love, and lust coexist in this space. Sometimes lust takes precedence; other times love rears her indecisive head. Life carries a weight of her own. She is the foundation for all things creative.