From Dissed to Kissed

[Phone Rings]
I answer.
The 21-year old male on the other end of the phone exclaims, “I’ve got something to tell you!”
“I’ve got something to tell you too!” I scream back in excitement.
“You first.” He insisted.
I seize the opportunity. “I’m engaged!”
“WHAT!” He yelled.
“Yeah I got engaged on Valentine’s Day.” I proceed.
“What the fuck! I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend!” His tone changed and so did the mood of the conversation.
“Yeah we’ve been dating for about five months now.” I continue.
“Wow!” He becomes silent.
In the background, I could hear muffled flight updates over a loud speaker.
“What was your news?” I ask.
“Nothing. I’ll call you later.” He says before hanging up.

Two years and a whole lot of changes later, we began dating.  I learn that his phone call a few years earlier was to tell me that he was offered a deal to get out of active duty and go in the reserves.  Turns out I was one of the primary factors in his decision to take the deal. 🙁

Since we started dating, I must admit that I am shocked I fell for him the way I have. I’m not going to lie and say that he’s my “forever.” My “forever” really hasn’t made himself known yet. BUT – I will say that he’s holding it down with his young self, and I’m lovin the ride! Choo Choo 🙂

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