Girl Talk

I’m almost ashamed to admit that my fashion sense is off.  I never put a high priority on fashion or “what’s in.”  At an early age, I’ve learned that fashion comes and goes…money doesn’t.  So instead, I’d spend my money on other things that I would find useful.

With that said, I think that I’m sort of paying the price now. I have absolutely no idea how to accessorize an outfit. LOL It’s not a bad thing. But it’s sort of difficult for me to try to accomplish in the event that I want too.  I think I have nice clothes, but I’m not quite sure sometimes how to match them (outside of jeans and a t-shirt).  This is something that I hope I can become better at seeing as though I’m getting older. There is something sexy about a woman that dresses like a lady and is well put together. I want to be her! My biggest hassle is my work wardrobe.

The other day, I was in a meeting with some colleagues.  I swear, one of the women blew me away with her outfit. The way she dressed said “I demand respect and pay.”  Her outfit put my skirt and shirt to shame. I looked like a librarian…no – a college student working as a librarian as a summer job.  I left the meeting saying to myself, “Wow – I’d love to learn her fashion sense.”  The only problem is that I’m scared that to get the look I want, I’ll have to dish out a lot of money.  Seeing as though I’m not materialistic, I place very little value on high end items. But maybe somehow, I’ll learn that there is a gray area.

Today, I came to work in what I thought was an okay outfit. I had on casual tennis shoes with the same color brown as my slacks, (I normally don’t wear tennis shoes, but my brown heels broke and I was too cheap to buy new ones), a pink sleeveless shirt with ruffles and a tan jacket. lol When I went outside I felt really weird. The image of the lady was in my mind. “Would she wear tennis shoes to work, or would she suck it up and buy new heels?”  My thoughts leaned toward the latter.

So I went to Target during lunch, determined to adjust my look. I know that’s probably not the store I should be in for an established look, but it’s what I’m willing to do with my budget today.  At any rate, I found a cream turtle neck to go under my tan jacket.  I kept the brown slacks, and ended up getting some brown heels. I left Target satisfied of my “new look,” but sort of mad that the two items were a total of $69.

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