Writer’s Block: Greenery

I love this topic more and more. 🙂

Let’s see, aside from recycling and unplugging items when they are not in use.  I donate monthly contributions to the National Park Service and Greenpeace.

I’m vegetarian (although I’m not super skinny like many would think I’d be) because I don’t support the industrialized way of bringing meat to the table.  I would go vegan (no diary) but that’s very difficult.  It would mean I would have to cut out many favorite Italian restaurants and store bought chocolates. lol Maybe in a few years I can get there.

When I’m at work, I copy and print on two sides to conserve paper.  My managers had to adjust to that. It’s hilarious – but I think that my “think green” mindset is rubbing off on them.  On the bottom of my e-mails, I have the “think green disclaimer” so that I can spread the message to others. 🙂

I don’t support the city life, so I don’t go there to shop or do any business.  I would prefer to go in the opposite direction.

My next car, will me more environmentally friendly, but my Pontiac G6 gets pretty good gas mileage. That was a factor in me getting it.

I’m pretty green!