For years my father told me that I need to calm down or I’d worry myself to an early grave.  “Pick your battles carefully…” he’d say, “find your inner peace.”

His words fell upon deaf ears. I’d suck my teeth and storm in the other room, still upset about whatever it was that upset me in the first place.  “He just doesn’t understand!” I thought.

Alongside chocolate and orgasms, writing is my comforter. So imagine today, the deep exhale I gave when I joined  “Finally,” I thought, “I can create some inner peace.”

Why is LiveJournal so important? Frustration about my career have bottled inside me, with no real satisfying outlet to release.  My traditional method of hand writing in a journal is outdated and time consuming, I have lost the desire.

I’ve been worn down and really exhausted at my current full-time position. I believe I burned out a month ago and never refueled.  I awake every morning and find myself whispering “I don’t feel like going to work.”  And when I’m at work and walk down the hallway I often mumble “I don’t want to be here!”  If co-workers or my manager walk up to me, I make it apparent that I’m half-assed listening so that they go away. (I’m sure you will hear a lot more about my frustration with my manager…smh).

For those that know me and my personality – you know that this isn’t me at all. It just so happens that I have no inner peace and my frustration has festered, causing me to be grouped with the group of people that others can’t stand to be around.

Today, after finding LiveJournal, Euphoria was reached! Tomorrow I will begin to really let my feelings go and release some of this dead energy – before it eats me alive! lol

Stay tuned…lots more is to come.

P.S. Also to come, more pics, video, sound, and ENTRIES! I have a feeling that I will be closely connected with LiveJournal!

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