A Smile for the Invisible Man

It happened again last night!  It has been a while, but it happened!!!

I had a dream about him.  He’s real.  I just can’t touch him and my convo with him is limited.  He only closely acknowledges me in my dreams.  We never actually dated, so it’s really weird to me that I’d dream of him.  The dreams often make me smile, I can’t lie about that.  But it’s absolutely crazy, and not fair to the gentleman lying next to me. [smh lol]  So I’ve learned to think of it as a cruel joke, or a secret meeting. lol

Last night, was the closest I felt to him in a long time.  Nothing sexual happened, it never does!  It’s just a peaceful feeling being around him. And last night’s smile was because he gave me his jersey. LMAO. That’s so dumb and funny.  How old am I? I can’t even help this shit. I wish I could.

It’s weird.  Am I weird? I know if I were reading this, I’d think that I was weird.  And crazy! But I’m not. lol  I just think I have a love that I cherish deeply, outside of any other thing I’ve experienced.  Okay I’m probably not making that any better. So I’ll shut up now.  Just figured I’d write, because in many ways I’m thankful for the pleasant night. lol