Freedom in the Midst

I am so very excited and hopeful about my future. Man – I feel as if I’m getting closer to tasting freedom with each day that passes. 

I have approximately 220 pages to my manuscript so far. I don’t exactly remember how many pages I told you previously but I have about 80 more to go before I complete my story. You know my passion is to write and publish at least three best selling books. 🙂 I am close to a victory with the first one!

I plan to leave the area Saturday through Tuesday just to write and relax. I already have my hotel picked out. It should be excited and such a great victory if I were able to pop out the last 80 pages within that time frame!! OMG. That would be nice.

On the flip side, I applied for another position within my company If I don’t get it, I’m not sweating it, but I feel that it’s mine! It would mean a much bigger paycheck. The guy who interviewed me seemed to be very nice.

The only downfall is longer hours. That would mean that I would travel to my part-time job and then boxing class (yes – I’m taking boxing now) by 7pm or so. My days would be much longer.

Keep me lifted!

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