Tap Tap Tap

Tap tap tap…the sound of the keyboard is loud in my mind, in reality the taps are far and few. I wanted to write all day, but I froze when the time came to play the melody in my head. I turn to LiveJournal to relieve the notion.

Where do I begin? Do I mention that I sent my book to a publishing company this morning? Do I go in to detail about my optimism or do I wait until I get a response? Hmmm.

Maybe I should mention that I spoke to the “handsome psychologist” on the phone a few times. And that although I wasn’t sure what to think the first time we spoke, our last conversation was actually quite intriguing. I admit, I am still intrigued.

Do I mention that I gained forty pounds in the last two years, thirty of them being in the past four months. Ugh. To top it off, I just ate an entire pizza, a few Doritos, and chocolate chip cookies.

So what to do now? Hmm. Still in the mood to write? Not so much.

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