A Chain Smoker?

I’m looking out of the window for a quick daydream getaway. But my travel is interrupted by a guy who sits in my line of sight and begins fiddling with a cigarette. He appears to be around 16, so I’m curious to watch his next move. 

He flicks the lighter and holds it up to the cigarette which is located in front of him. I can tell it’s his first time. After a few moments of stalking him, I become frustrated that the cigarette is still not lit. I want to yell out of the window, “You have to puff on it!”

Finally, he puffs and the cigarette lights. I’m excited for him, but curious at the same time. “What is he going to do now? I need to go to him and tell him about the effects of smoking…”

Again, my attention is diverted to a coworker who walks over to my cube for small chit chat. After rambling on for a few moments, I look up and the young boy has left his post. The cigarette butt is on the sidewalk with smoke still coming from the tip. “Damn I missed him.”

About an hour later when while trying to drift in to another daydream, I notice the same young boy. He sits in the same spot and lights another cigarette. This time, he puffs the lung killer to light it.

“That’s it, I’m going outside to talk to him.” I think. “Maybe I’ll start off with, what you doin out here?”

And again, my attention is diverted. “B. can I see you in my office?” My manager calls. “Sure thing,” I get up remorsefully.

Of course when I return the boy is gone. Another cigarette butt on the ground. Already a chain smoker…

Maybe he will come back tomorrow. 🙂

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