Aligning Vibrationally

Attuning to the vibrations of the infinite source will lead you on a path to discovery. You will discover that you are more powerful than the world acknowledges and your job cares to admit. You will discover that you are selfless and you mean well and want goodness to happen to everyone around you. You will discover that you are a being made up of light and peace. You really don’t want to judge others based on their ethnicity, social status, gender, or any other factor that society places emphasis. You know that we are only complete when we work as a part of a collective.

When you align to who you are, you realize that there is one universe, one sun, one moon, one earth – meant for all of life, not just some. You understand in your alignment that you can become anything you wish without imposing havoc on others. You realize that there is room for everyone of us to create and be successful or inspirational in our creations. You understand that two or more minds are always better than one.

We are vibrationally speaking to and through one another. When we introduce ourselves, we pick up on certain signals that the other is manifesting through their vibrations. However, very little do we evaluate our vibrational tone that is displayed for others. We are often not cognizant or caring enough to look inward and understand what we are manifesting in our now.

Speaking of the now – did you know that what we perceive as reality today is nothing more than old vibrations coming to fruition? Our realities are shaped by old emotion. Everything starts in the mind, and from there, manifests into reality. By the time it makes itself known in our reality, it’s old news and we are already busy creating new realities and possibilities in our thoughts.

It’s important for us to understand that we are always broadcasting a signal. We cannot see what lies in the empty space surrounding us. But, there’s a vibration happening to and through us. It’s important for us to not only broadcast, but to receive. When we allow ourselves to appreciate everything happening and tune in to what is good, we are able to receive messages of kindness, action, and love that will carry us forward into a great state of being.

Listen to the vibrations of the universe. There is so much that is in sync with goodness and perfection — the animals, foliage, the weather, night and day, and everything else that happens without human interaction or interference. Pay attention. Listen long enough to get in rhythm with it and develop alignment through your inner source.