Birthday Plans

When I was younger, my mother would allow me to stay home for my birthday. Every year, she and I took the day off to spend time together. She reminded me that no one will enjoy my birthday as much as me.

My 26th birthday is around the corner. Though I’ve accomplished a lot externally, I’m no where near what I hope to accomplish internally.  Internally, I feel like the backside of a beautiful painting – blank.

This year my birthday falls on a Sunday, and I decided to take five days (Nov 13-17) to celebrate my coming in to the world. It’s a time for reflection and celebration.  I’m in the process of planning a cost-effective way to really enjoy myself this time. I want to stay busy each day that I am “vacationing.”

I’m not the party type; I despise clubs, so I tend to be more subtle in my celebrations.

My job gives one day a month to volunteer. What if I volunteered my time to helping the homeless for an area soup kitchen? What better way to gain substance than to help others!

I can’t forget about those that don’t have the opportunities I have. I don’t have lots of money, but I would be better off than them in comparison. I’m excited about this. My schedule is below.

  • November 11th I am going downtown to give a homeless person $100
  • November 12th at 7:30am I will volunteer for a local soup kitchen
  • November 12th at 8pm J. and I have tickets to see a stage play
  • November 13th at 10am I have a heating stone massage & deep cleansing facial
  • November 13 – 15th I’ll spend the night in a hotel (alone) to work on my book and do whatever else I want to do.
  • November 16th J. will woe me with his birthday plans. (Lord I hope it’s romantic lol – not expensive just romantic)
  • November 17th is still up in the air (not sure what J. has planned for 16th that will affect the 17th)

I’m sure that it would give me something to paint on the other end of my canvas.  What do you think?

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