2008 In Review

So 2008 wasn’t so bad after all.  Granted it started out with a rocky twist, but in the end, and looking back, it was a pretty progressive year.  One of the most progressive years to date.  In that same breath, I believe that most of the country sees 2008 as a progressive year for them as well.

Going through with my divorce was one of the bittersweet moments of 2008, while freeing up debt was one of the highlights.  I wonder what 2009 holds.

I look forward to 2009, but 2008 has left a stamp on my soul.

My 2008 Highlights
1. Finalized Divorce
2. Landed new job
3. Decreased debt
4. Minimized Bills
5. J. moved in
6. Voted in historic Presidential election
7. Increased self-motivation and determination
8. Moved closer to job

My 2008 Lows
1. Divorce
2. Moved out of quiet neighborhood
3. Stuck in traffic 1hr 15min daily