Calamity Part III

In the previous Calamities I helped you understand the calamities of a broken love affair. Today, I complete my mission and present you with the final piece of this sad story. But in the end, I promise you will see the good that arose from such a catastrophic scenario.

The stranger that I spoke of last time turned out to be a stranger after all. I learned that living in his hut was more dangerous than I realized. He kissed, sucked and fucked all that was right, yet my soul tugged for something more. I knew that if I didn’t try to find a piece of home that I would be lost forever, so I left the stranger behind and pressed forward.

Before I left, I noticed that the raft I drifted in on was destroyed by the beach. My heart
saddened but after two months I forgot about it completely. Thus, I forgot about the man that I left on the shore. And I forgot how wonderful the island was before he turned cold.

Finally when I reached home, I realized that the place was abandoned, broken and cold.

The invaders fled through the village with no regard to the havoc it would reap on my soul. But while I was there, I was able to sit a while at stare into space. I did this for a couple of days searching for ways to rebuild. But while I gathered material to rebuild, God told me that there’s no need. I can’t explain what happened next, but my attitude on life shifted and I regained a sense of peace. It was the first time since I drifted to shore that I felt peaceful.

I left my home in search of something new. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I had faith that it would work out. One Monday eve, I reached out to God and apologized for cursing him while I was in the ocean. I began to cry and thank him for all that he’d done for me. I told him that I was okay if he never introduced me to another invader and that I welcome his will and his way.

The very next day, I met a woman in a neighboring village by the name of Faith. She’d been waiting for me. To my surprise she introduced me to another stranger. His scent was familiar, but angels surrounded him and asked me to come forward. I listened.

A few days later, the man I thought of as a stranger bore my scent and I rejoiced at how
amazing it felt. This place was so much better than home and I couldn’t imagine leaving to find anything better. The man didn’t lick, suck and fuck. Instead, he caressed my soul. I couldn’t have been more thankful.

Just as we celebrated, the old man from the island washed ashore. I think he was looking for me, but I’m not certain. I told him about my new mate and began to dance. He didn’t rejoice. Rather, he began talking about the island and the many strangers he’d met along the way. My heart ached; not because he reminded me of good times, but because he would be so selfish. I didn’t want to be reminded of home, the shore, the raft, or the many strangers we’d encountered along the way. I only wanted him to be happy for me and I couldn’t understand why his happiness was delayed, even though I offered him a chance to paradise long ago.

Well, today I can honestly say that I’m surrounded by angels. Their wingspan is long and their love is unconditional. I sleep in the bottom of their bellies at night where I stay warm. It should be no surprise to you that one of those angels is the man that I met through Faith. I tell you more about him in my blog, Souljah Fever. My journey with Calamity ends here.

I have no regrets of my travels. I thank God for restoring me and carrying me to a place better than I’d ever known. Like so many others I’ve encountered, I wish that they could experience what I experience, but I’ve been told that their destiny is on another village…God will reveal that to them soon.

Until my very next blog, which will not be about calamity at all…take care. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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