Y’all Paying Attention?

Human behavior has always been a mystery to me. I never understood how some people need to be in the company of others.

I never understood how so many people can rally behind an idea or person to their demise. I can use this analogy as it relates to religion. I can use this analogy as it relates to nations.

As a woman who has always enjoyed solitude and questioned certain authority or ideologies, I am always baffled how easily people can be swayed and how quickly they give up their mental power. It’s as if they do not realize the mind is a magnificent energy source!

Reflection of a tree in the water
Photo by Faye Cornish

Sometimes, I feel as if life’s reality is an upside down reflection of our actual experiences. Our beliefs often seem backward. For example:

  • Why do men run the world when many can’t (or don’t) run their household? It’s the women who usually set up the logistics.
  • Why are people taught that black and brown skin is inferior? In fact, it’s the melanin in the skin that has the natural ability to absorb the sunlight.
  • Why do people say that the sky is the limit. Is it really?

Switching gears for a second…

B. F. Glenn at computer

Let’s examine our ideologies around productivity and work ethic. I find that much of what we find to be productive is actually outdated and inefficient.

I constantly question the idea of a forty-hour work week and the notion of hourly pay.

Why are doctor offices operating on a Mon-Fri 9-5 schedule? Wouldn’t they be much more effective to the public if they were also available after-hours?

Why aren’t mental health days and customized work schedules normalized in company calendars?

When You Learn, You Grow. When You Grow, You Sow.

B. F. Glenn

Sometimes, I believe the whole Adam and Eve concept is talking about a battle of our minds, not mankind. What I mean by that is, a limited belief keeps us bound to negative or fearful emotions. In today’s society and around the world, I see ignorance thriving and common sense dying.

I once questioned why the Creator hasn’t given up and started over. Over the past few years – with the state of the world still in total chaos – that sentiment rings true.

I don’t know. Here I go again, trying to stimulate your mental. 🙂