How Society Misses Out When You Are Complacent

Did you know that society misses out on all of your greatness when you are complacent? Complacency breeds ignorance and nothing valuable can ever flourish in an ignorant environment.

I often look at the lives of people who had the time to binge on videos (television, IG, Facebook, or otherwise). I compared that to their circumstances. Some of them were okay with their circumstances while others were not satisfied with their career, their housing situation, nor educational status. What they failed to realize is that they’ve become complacent at some point – sucked in the vacuum of constantly being entertained. When one is constantly entertained, they are often being entertained by the hard work of those who were not so complacent.

Every successful person has one thing in common. They cannot become complacent or else success slips from their grasps. Every producer, writer, artist, manager, and so on is constantly learning, growing, doing, and resisting complacency. Therefore, productivity is the enemy of complacency.

Being productive means to actively seek opportunities to learn new things, think critically, and apply best techniques, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone or upsets others. Sometimes productivity comes at a cost of isolating yourself from certain situations or people. But, I guarantee, it will be for the better.

Hey – being productive doesn’t mean that you need to be busy all of the time. As we know, we can be busy in tasks that produce little to no productivity.

-B. F. Glenn

So what does it mean to be complacent? Complacency exists when you are no longer productive. For example, repetitively fine-tuning step one of a task that requires eight other steps. This is busy work because you need to go through and test all eight steps before you can fine tune anything. Correct or no?

It’s not easy for entrepreneurs to follow their dream every day. But, each day, they get up and make it happen. If they want to stay afloat, they have to actively learn more and execute what they’ve learned. They do it because the end goal is to resist the pitfalls of a complacent lifestyle. Your favorite store, your favorite artist, and your favorite leader each made a conscious decision to be productive – even if it meant working long hours or isolating themselves to do so.

Image of a photo that reads, Get shit done!
Photo by Minh Pham

Look at them now. Their productivity adds so much value to society. When they speak people listen – because they have proven to follow the rules of productivity. And, many of them have changed the trajectory for an individual, a group, an organization, or the world! Your productivity will also help someone else to create whatever it is that they were meant to create.

Please do not get complacent. Seek out educational opportunities and like-minded people that will help you to live your best life. Take a look at your habits and determine if you are spending too much time not focusing on bettering yourself or your situation. Are you adding as much value as you possibly can to a room?

IDK, here I go trying to stimulate your mental again. 🙂