Spiritual Awakening

B. F. Glenn after writing this piece
B. F. Glenn after writing this piece

I use to believe everyone was born with something special inside of them – a sort of knowing.

I believed everyone understood their purpose, knew their assignment, and was happy to execute. Only recently have I learned that it’s quite possible not everyone has the instinct to tap into their higher power.

The supernatural always fascinated me. At a young age, I took interest in reincarnation, UFO, and ghostly phenomenon. My fascination came from a place of knowing that these things occur. My goal was to have others solidify it with me.

Instead, I found not everyone was interested in entertaining such talk. Though, my father entertained it, he also warned that I shouldn’t play in Pandora’s box if I was not certain what was on the other side.

It wasn’t until later on in life that I learned there were unexplainable events that occurred within three points of separation from me the whole time.

I’ve had a few supernatural phenomenon occur to me directly during my lifetime. I’ve foreshadowed events. I’ve had spiritual encounters – mostly in my sleep. I was pushed down the stairs by an unseen force (probably the same one that pushed my son out of his bed). I witnessed a shape diminish during the middle of the night. I’ve had strange marks on my body (like needle points).

  • My mother is super sensitive to objects. I don’t think she’s fully aware, but she has said things like, “I could feel the pain that calf felt when it was killed,” after taking a bite of a burger. She’s also claims to feel a cough through the phone and has asked for objects with “weird” energy be removed from her house.
  • My father was in the Navy in the 70’s. He and his shipmates witnessed an UFO event while in the middle of the ocean. They were told by their superior not to speak on it or put in any reports.
  • My father says he was visited by a succubus back in the 80’s and he could not move. (Don’t laugh, it frightened him terribly.) He told my mother right away, who was sleeping right next to him when it happened.
  • My maternal grandmother was on a plane one day in the 80’s. She and the guy behind her sighted an UFO fly by their window. I was told they looked at each other and agreed “they didn’t see anything at all” out of fear of articulating it to others.
  • My son would often report ghostly figures in his room before the age of three. One of those figures (he said had horns and red eyes) pushed him out of his bed and stood over him.
  • There have been countless protections from disasters that should have occurred to my family or me – but didn’t.

All of these things sound scary, but there’s a burning desire in me to know more about who we are, why we are here, and what this has to do with our existence. Though, I move cautiously because my father’s words about Pandora’s box are not lost.

Over the years, my interest in diving into my spiritual power diminished and instead, I chased the American dream.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, I was tuned into a reality show and saw a medium (Rev. Justin Terry) give a reading to one of the cast members. For whatever reason, I was drawn to him. Eventually, I made an appointment to have a reading done because I yearned so deeply to connect with one of my favorite aunts.

During our reading, I learned so much. His gift is undeniable and I received answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had. That reading stuck with me, and in many ways, I was envious that he was able to hone in on his gift. It sparked a renewed interest within me to be brave and begin to channel my higher power.

Fast forward a year and I recently gifted my father with a reading from Justin. Spot on again!

The past few months have been a bit challenging as I am forced to find ways to balance my physical and spiritual health. I’m embracing a renewed interest on a journey that will hopefully lead to a spiritual awakening. I want to be cleansed of everything that I’ve been taught on how humans operate. There is a whole path filled with peace and beauty that I want explore!

My company, Sixth Sense Publishing, is a direct reflection of my lifelong fascination and belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I can’t wait until we all awaken!