Cougar Prey

Mr. Eclectic,

I bet you had no clue that you first turned me out at dinner. I preyed on you as you slowly nibbled on your cheesecake. Slow and sensual your mouth moved around the spoon, leaving me yearning for a bite.

Your lips part enough so I could embrace how your mouth tasted the sweet cream. You remained unaware that you made me wet as I watched you eat. Like a baby cougar stalking her prey, I became fascinated with you in those moments.

Too many factors played a role in why I didn’t pounce on you then. Rather, I made note to remain cautious and wait…eventually I’ll get what I want.

Alcohol ran through my blood, but my mind and body were sober. I knew that I wanted you.

Sin was born when you bit your bottom lip, just before opening my lower pair. I made plenty for you to feast over, making it easy to slide your manhood inside of me. And…well…I’m not sure if it was that moment that I gave up my power, but I can assure you that I felt powerless.

During our intimate play of tug and war, you thanked me. Who knew a lion could be so kind? Taken back by your gentleness I wondered if you really thanked me while hiding deep inside my wet woman hole. Without a moment to loose, you speak again. This time your words were more sincere “Thanks for letting me in.”

I enjoyed it!! I wanted more of it!! I craved your stroke as my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I melted deeper in to the sheets and called your name. My legs straddled your thighs tightly, making sure not to let go.

“Can I be in you all night? I’m in no rush.” You whispered softly in my ear as you thrust harder inside me.

Kissing my heart with your words, I give you the okay to love me how ever you choose.
I high-five my g-spot, which is very pleased with your caress. Our silhouettes united under the dim light warmed me. Moments later, you let out a big roar. The lion had shown his face! You pushed deeper, harder and faster as if it couldn’t get any better. I screamed uncontrollably as I dripped all over the sheets.

You let out a final grunt as you roll over. My lesson is over. I close my eyes once more and realize that I too can be prey.

Thank you, Mr. Eclectic, for that wonderful night.