Trip to Macy’s

The weirdest thing happened today! And although I’m embarrassed to reveal my secret with the world, this story is just too good to pass up.

Around 2pm I walked in to the local Macy’s to pick up an outfit for my husband’s 30th birthday bash. What was supposed to be a twenty minute outing quickly turned to an hour’s worth of grab and search. I grabbed everything that I could find in a size 8 and tried it on. Critical of how they fit, I threw each item back on the rack. I wanted a garment that fit my hips tightly and my chest a little less.

Of course, Macy’s being Macy’s that wasn’t the case at all. My “junk in the trunk” fit nicely in the outfits by default. The tops, well they were a little hard to come by since my boobs could feed every orphan on earth.

Frustrated, I went to the dresses. Though I vowed I wouldn’t wear a dress, it may be my only option. Unable to pretend I liked the idea, my face turned sour as I sorted through the floral printed dresses collecting dust in the middle of the floor. I read the “Take An Additional 1/2 Off” sign in a poor attempt to convince myself that a discount would save me money. But not even the thought of saving money made me jump in to one of the pieces. In fact a quick glance around the floor made me realize that these dresses were made for old women with expensive taste.

Just before I turned to leave empty handed, a man dressed in a Macy’s vest with a nametag that read “Walker” approached me.

“Is there anything I can assist you with?” He asks.

A bit taken back by his poise, I reply “I’m looking for something to wear for my husband’s 30th birthday bash.” As if I were a kid lost in a bookstore, I look around the room unamazed at the selection. I shrug my shoulders, “would you recommend something?”

He puts his finger to his lips and looks me over not once – but twice. “Come with me.”

He takes me to the all black dress section. I doubted this section before since I’m not attending a funeral for my husband. Silently gazing over the different dresses, he stops and picks up one of the lower cut dresses. I laugh hesitantly. It appears he doesn’t know my taste at all.

“Trust me,” he says handing me the garment. “Try it on.”

I go inside of the dressing room and try it on. Surprisingly it fit me quite nicely. The lower cut wasn’t so low after all since my breasts soaked up most of the material.

On the other side of the dressing room door, Walker startled me. “Can I peek?” His knock seemed innocent enough so I opened the door to show him. It was great that he was there to give me a guy’s perspective anyway.

“You’re husband will love this.” He said coming in closer. As he began touching the fabric and straightening it out along the curves of my body, I got a whiff of his cologne. Hypnotized instantly by the dose of smell good, I zoned out for a few moments. The next thing I know, his hands are caressing my breasts in a way that is playful yet teasing. Curious of what is to come by this and tranced long enough for him to continue, I stand motionless.
He begins kissing me softly around my neck and one thing led to another. Now…this story is embarrassing enough, so I don’t want to go in to too much detail of how he sexed me upside down or how I straddled him against the wall.

I must say that I have never experienced anything like that before. I didn’t even know it was a fantasy until after it happened. How crazy is that!

Well to make an already long story shorter – I will leave you with this. The dress fits nice and I will be sure to escort all of my friends to that particular Macy’s the next time they ask “Where did you get that?” Just so maybe I can get one last peek at the guy who turned an ordinary shopping trip in to an amazing adventure.

Peace & Love

(Note: This is another story created solely for the enjoyment for those who like to daydream. Macy’s should not investigate any male employees as a result of this blog. lol)